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Saving problematic streaming videos

Originally posted by flowerking, here is a tutorial on how to capture the new generation of streaming clips.

A lot of streaming video you can capture by putting the URL into a place like KeepVid (go to and enter the URL, one or two links will appear for you to download the video in .flv or maybe .mp4 format). You can use the streaming video tool Riva to transfer an .flv to .mpg format.

Some videos are embedded in Java script that requires deeper methods for capturing. So far, Orbit (try has been successful in most of the videos I have tried to capture. But Angel of Death didn't work that way. For Orbit to work, you need to know the URL of where the video is stored, and with Crackle, they seem to have developed some fiendish way of hiding that from prying eyes.

So I downloaded WM Capture, I downloaded the demo copy which has some severe restrictions. What this does, seemingly, is to not capture the video as it comes in off the network, like Orbit, but instead capture the pixels and sound being displayed to a window in your screen. So you specify the window of choice and then record as it is displayed. Unfortunately, any glitch in it being displayed (such as the network hanging for a second) gets recorded too. Or, for instance, while watching Crackle, if you move your mouse over the bottom of the window of the video, a timeline and volume bar appear, and this will also appear in your capture.

Since I only downloaded the demo version of WM Capture, I am restricted to capturing only short snippets of video. So I would capture maybe 10 seconds, and rename the file. Then, I loaded all of the files into Windows Movie Maker to combine them while also editing the sound which was badly out of sync. The demo version of WM Capture only allows you to capture short files, and you can only run it for a few minutes before the trial time ends. But you can restart it and run it again. So, in capturing the two Angel of Death files that i created, I had to run the program several times, after capturing each little bit, I stopped the program and reran it just to make sure I wouldn't run out of time before my trial period ended.

There may also be a 15 day limit on the software (?? I'm not sure of this) in which case I won't be able to continue capturing the Angel of Death episodes beyond about another week.

Ok, so there's how I was able to do it. Good luck if you want to give it a try. I will keep posting the fight scenes to these episodes for as long as my trial software lets me. But because the effort is pretty great, I will only be posting fight scenes that are worth capturing. Episode 5 had a minor fight scene where she hit a guy with her gun and kicked him too, but I didn't think that was worth capturing.

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