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tutorial: frame capture using BSPlayer

This deals with the free version of BSPlayer v1.37. It can play most types of files except raw dvd (.vob) files.

Once you've downloaded and installed the BSPlayer, you need to tell it where you want to store your captured image(s). It is initially set to autoincrement the filenames so you can capture as many frames in a row as you want.


right-click on the player, and pick OPTIONS - PREFERENCES


click on the DIRECTORY FOR CAPTURED IMAGES and select a folder on your computer where they will be stored


open the video file and press pause (||) at the point you want to capture


right-click on the player and pick OPTIONS - CAPTURE FRAME - ORIGINAL SIZE (or what you see)

The image is now in the folder you selected in step 2. It is called bscap001.jpg unless you changed the default settings.


sometimes you open a video and it plays with wavy lines. In that case, try unchecking YV12 checkbox in the BSPlayer properties - Video section. Then restart the video.

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