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Photobucket Discontinues Free Image Hosting

Regretably, Photobucket, our image hosting service of choice over at 'Swordswomen of the Silver Screen' for many years, has made the same decision other such sites have recently made in pursuit of profits. With no prior notice Photobucket have discontinued free image embeds (a common practice they refer to on their website as 'third-party hosting'). This of course impacted the 'Oldies' board back in October 2014, when Imageshack also shunted over to a premium subscription model, impacting image hosting on numerous Runboard sites, including 'SSS' and 'Oldies'.
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Photobucket now requires a premium subscription to allow 'third-party hosting'. Additionally, they will only allow third-party hosting with their most expensive premium plan, at $39.99 US/month (billed annually at $399.99; no actual monthly billing option appears to be available that allows third party hosting), which is unfeasible for a non-profit board such as mine. We are therefore forced, after years of great service, to discontinue our association with Photobucket, effective immediately.

Images appearing on the SSS site (banners, logos, etc.) were replaced with generic 'Please Upgrade' banners, much like our Imageshack images were three years ago. We are working on a resolution to the problem, and hope to restore the issue as soon as possible.

Any ideas for a good, reliable, free and safe image hosting site will be welcomed and considered.

'Photobucket defines third party hosting as the action of embedding an image or photo onto another website ... such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, blog, etc...'

'Even though third party hosting features have been disabled, you can always access your photos by logging into your account.'

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